Encapsulated within the dark and mysterious walls of Dogana, Florence, Matteo Gioli, Veronica and Ilaria Cornacchini presented their Super Duper Hats Autumn/Winter 2014/15 collection. The cleverly crafted set, accompanied by the rich vocals of Piero Giosuè and the rhythmic sound of American Railroad workers, served as the perfect backdrop for this theatrical display.

Inspired by the preferred hats of gandy dancers (early railroad workers), the Super Duper team fashioned a rich collection that accurately represented the era. The skill and quality seen in their previous collections was displayed masterfully, as each model marched to the enchanting soundtrack.

Each handcrafted hat bore their signature of care and attention to detail. With the variety of fabrics, shades and hues on display, the dark green being my favourite, it was clear as to why this was one of the most anticipated events of Pitti Uomo 85. With such a consistent creative selection, it isn’t hard to see why Super Duper Hats were the winners of Pitti Uomo’s “Who is on next? 2013” and are a firm favourite amongst industry professionals and style lovers alike.

For more information visit www.superduperhats.com