Label: Freya Dalsjö
Interview & Images: Darrel Hunter

I couldn’t help but stop at Freya Dalsjö display whilst taking a quick walk through Pitti W. Her eye catching, exciting designs stand out boldly commanding attention.
While speaking to her it is easy to see that her designs are not only exciting but a reflection of her innovative nature and willingness to experiment and push boundaries.
Freya had the privilege of opening Copenhagen Fashion Week SS13 with her debut collection an honour that was well deserved. Speaking to her I wanted to find out what was behind her latest collection and what the future held for this impressive Danish designer.

ModeHunter: So is this your first time showing at Pitti W?
Freya Dalsjö: Yes this is my first time at Pitt and also my first time showing outside of Denmark. This is actually my second collection, which I will also be showing at Copenhagen Fashion Week at the end of January and also at London Fashion Week.
MH: How long have you been designing?
FD: I started in 2009 so just three years now.
MH: Talk me through your current collection please.
FD: Well I only brought a few select pieces with me; the whole collection consists of fifteen different looks which are all based around manipulating the body or how you perceive the body and body shapes. I started working with light projections, imagining a show where the light really influences the way you visualise the models and the clothes, and how everything shaped with the light, shadows and dimensions around the body. The whole concept is concentrated around leather shapes, which I manipulate so it is very tight to the body and the other side is fur which creates different shapes.
MH: Are those the only fabrics you work with?
FD: I like working with exclusive materials like leather and fur then mixing it with something completely different like neoprene. In the past collections I have worked with more technological fabrics or new fabrics that you don’t normally see in textiles but more in industry.
MH: So you like to experiment?
FD: Exactly, I like to take beautiful things from different worlds and put them together to create a unique outcome.
MH: Are all the pieces hand made?
FD: Yes I hand make all the pieces myself it takes a long time but it is a nice part of the design process when you have everything in your own hands. I like seeing my designs from idea all the way through to completion. In the beginning I thought it would be nice to hand over and have someone else make the pieces but then it feels as you are not part of it and you have someone else interpreting it and it becomes something different.
MH: What items are featured in this collection?
FD: This collection is mainly jackets, skirts and trousers. I have done hats before; also I would like to create accessories or maybe bags in the future. I would love to create shoes as well, especially for the shows. When you present a collection and you have to look for shoes you end up thinking, why don’t I just make my own shoes?
MH: What is the next step?
FD: I will be showing at Copenhagen then London, and after that I want to become more international as my designs are not just exclusively made for Copenhagen.
MH: Have you had much interest from buyers in Italy?
FD: Yes, it has been good and the plan is to distribute over here also in France, maybe in London and Asia as well, it is a good market for my pieces.
MH: How would you describe your own personal style? Is it reflected in your collection?
FD: All the things I make I really like for myself as well and I would definitely wear. My everyday style is very plain, I don’t really change according to fashion trends or seasons but I do like to mix it up.
MH: What is the one staple item in your wardrobe that you would say defines you?
FD: I think for me it is all about jackets, shoes and bags. I have a bag which I have been wearing for the past five/six years. It is something that I need to have everyday and I feel comfortable with.

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