Words: Darrel Hunter
Images: Courtesy of Glints London

For many months I have been putting off updating my spectacles. Partly because I have never enjoyed wearing reading glasses and partly because I have been unable to find frames that I truly liked and would actually wear on a regular basis. When my glasses broke a few days before I was scheduled to travel to New York, I knew my months of procrastination and ignorant bliss in contact lenses, had come back to bite me.

As fortune would have it, I received an email the day before from Aroun Ducroux introducing his latest project. Of course my interest was piqued due to my love of sunglasses and my now imminent need of new spectacles. Aroun, already well-known for his superior eyewear brand, Lotho, decided to launch his second brand Glints.

As with Lotho, Glints frames are all-handmade in Japan and share the same exquisite craftsmanship. You now have the luxury of benefiting from the unique artistry, superior materials matched with Hoya superb lenses and the years of experience at an affordable price. The cornerstone of the idea behind Glints is to propose high end, luxury craftsmanship at a reasonable price. At £143 for frames and lenses, I would agree that they hit their objectives.

Over the next couple days I spent time at the Glints showroom discussing and viewing the the new collection in detail. Appealing to a different market, Glints frames possess a more traditional shape, therefore providing a whole new look.

With Glints, Aroun has been able to express his take on the classic London look with a modern influence, with each frame being named after a street in the city. The initial collection features fifteen frames, developed by Glints designer, Coco Tsuji, providing variety without too much complication and distraction.

One of the alluring factors when viewing the collection was the simplicity and ease of choice. Choosing new frames can be quite overwhelming, especially with a fussy customer like me, but I was able to narrow down my two favourites in no time. I was impressed by attention to detail, care and expert advice when assisting me to choose my frames and understanding my lenses, which was a great help.

When ordering via the website there is also an option to select up to five frames, to be delivered for you to try on in the comfort of your own home, for five days, for free, if you aren’t able to make it to the Soho Showroom.

Thankfully I was able to have my glasses made up in record time, which meant I was able to travel. Now I think it is time to look for my second pair, of course you never know when accidents may happen.

For information and ordering information visit www.glints.london