Captivated. That’s what I was when I saw Amina Muaddi, founder and designer of Oscar Tiye, cross the Tuileres during Paris Fashion Week last year. Not only did she possess amazing personal style but she was also sporting a pair of sumptuous, knee-high, gladiator heels. At the time I had no idea who crafted these beautiful shoes, but I knew I was hooked. Following that visual introduction I discovered the brand Oscar Tiye and I started noticing these elegant heels pop up more and more.

Oscar Tiye shoes, the creation of founder and visionary, Amina Muaddi along with business partner, Irina Curutz, have become firm favourites among some of the most style conscious women around the world, and for good reason. They have been spotted on the street during fashion week, at red carpet events and featured in high fashion publications. Speaking with Oscar Tiye wearers, it is clear that the allure isn’t purely cosmetic but also practical as they boast of comfort and wearability.

Each season to Amina is evolutionary and she produces even more exquisite footwear. Seeing the brand’s growth and development has been a joy for a self-professed shoe lover as myself. For Haute Couture AW15/16 Oscar Tiye collaborated with Alexandre Vautheier to produce opulent shoes, a delectable accompaniment to the stunning Vautheir gowns. Needless to say, I was estatic when Amina invited me to view the SS16 collection during Paris Fashion Week.

Upon entering the show space it was evident that I was in for a visual treat. The first room exuded the sensual decadence befitting a Gotham City ballroom. If you are thinking a leather clad cat woman in a dimly lit, smoke filled room you have the correct image. For SS16 Amina drew on inspiration from The Gotham City Sharqui dancers and the Egyptian cat goddess, Bastet, which resulted in the perfect combination of Feline prowess with an erotic charge. Perfectly shaped heels, alluring boots, punctuated with an alluring colour palate provide the perfect narrative.

By stark contrast the second room was airy and colourful with the right touch of glamour. One of my favourite lines, “The Malikah” now comes in a shimmering metallic Emerald, while for the first time the collection features powerful and ladylike block heels. The collection also featured dainty flats whilst the Minne sandal also received a revamp.

As expected, I was completely enthralled by the new Oscar Tiye collection. Amina seems to be drawing from an infinite pool of inspiration as she continues to excel with each new collection.

As I was leaving Amina cheekily asked, “So which pair are your favourite?”, and after much deliberation, I was finally able to narrow it down to about four pairs. Just goes to show how alluring this new collection is, the words “spoilt for choice” definitely spring to mind.

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