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For many months I have been putting off updating my spectacles. Partly because I have never enjoyed wearing reading glasses and partly because

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  • Melissa Bui

Mode Words – Melissa Bui

My first interaction with Melissa Bui was entrancing. I noticed her making her way across a pavilion in Florence, twirling and dancing with every movement. Her shape and the way the she captured the light of the sun and caused it to dance drew me in.

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  • Raphael by T-Michael x Ralph Vaessen

Raphael by T-Michael x Ralph Vaessen

Ever since my first meeting with T-Michael, in Florence, in 2013 I have been amazed by his vision, style and humility. Many other subsequent meetings have always resulted in me being inspired and encouraged. The passion and excitement in his voice when discussing his ideas leave me eagerly awaiting his next update.

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  • Orobianco

Made in Italy. Delivered to you.

I have been meaning to purchase the ideal bag to carry my camera equipment for sometime but seem to succumb to distractions at every opportunity. Today I decided to take a quick break from editing and engage in some serious online research

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  • Giacomo Valentini

Mode Words – Giacomo Valentini

As the founder and director of a worldwide top luxury, luggage company, it stands to reason that Giacomo Valentini would be well travelled. I mean who else would be best place to understand the various developing needs of globetrotters than a seasoned voyager.

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Mode Words – Anna Kolomoets

Upon meeting Anna Kolomets, the first thing you notice is her fresh, youthful looks and gentle demeanour. Ask her about fashion or her designs and this reserved persona is immediately replaced by passion and excitement, delivered with an enchanting smile.

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Mode Words….Alison Lloyd

Ally Capellino is more of an institution than a mere brand. Set in the creative hot bed of East London, Ally Capellino is one of the few, definitively British brands, happy not to follow trends but to rely on creativity and design. Founded by the rebelliously creative, Alison Lloyd

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Mode Words….Shaun Gordon

Born and raised in East London, Shaun Gordon has always had a craving to create. His attention to detail is apparent, not only in his carefully crafted handmade ties but also in his impeccable personal style.......

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Shaun Gordon Preview

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Mode Words….Traditionally Modern

I have always been fascinated and impressed by Japanese culture…a history filled with adventure, overflowing with innovation and a love for art and shrouded with honour. During a trip to Milan....

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Mode Words – Giacomo Valentini

Innovation, quality and tradition are just some of the words that feature very highly on Giacomo Valentini’s list when describing his company, which is more like a family. President and founder of the Orobianco Group, Giacomo has passion for creativity and drive for excellence that is reflected through his company and personal life.....

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Mode Words….La Touché

Standing at 6’6” (198cm) it isn’t very hard to pick La Touché out in a crowd but it isn’t only his stature that sets him apart. His amazing sense of style and the ever present variety of hats that crown his head certainly set him apart....

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Street Mode….Lincoln Center – New York (Teresa Chumpitaz)

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Mode Words….Mattijs Van Bergen

Mattijs Van Bergen has had quite a bit of success since starting his brand, Mattijs, five years ago. Recently he won the Mercedes Benz Dutch Fashion award and also the International Fashion Incubator Award earlier in 2012. Another success for his brand saw him being invited to Pitti W to present his beautifully crafted, avant-garde collection......

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Mode Words….RuMel Jewels

Finding space within RuMel’s diary is no easy task. Focused, hard working, innovative and energetic are just a few adjectives in a long list that can be used to describe the multi-talented designer from West London.

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Mode Words….Dan Genco of Shwood Eyewear

Walking around the Pitti Immagine Uomo 83 event among all the beautiful fabrics, classic cuts, there will surely be a few innovative ideas that stand out and capture your attention. Walking past the Shwood stand something different captured my attention and compelled me to stop for a closer look....

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Mode Words….Nick Wooster at Pitti Immagine Uomo 83

One of Nick Wooster’s many engagements whilst at Pitti Uomo 83 included being part of a discussion panel for the Angelo Flaccavento curation – Vertirsi Da Uomo (Dress Like a Man). This exhibition presented the exploration of the idea of the ideal masculine wardrobe. I managed to steal a few minutes out of Nick’s busy schedule right after the panel breakfast to find out how his Pitti trip was going so far.

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Mode Words….Freya Dalsjö

I couldn’t help but stop at Freya Dalsjö display whilst taking a quick walk through Pitti W. Her eye catching, exciting designs stand out boldly commanding attention.

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Attention to Detail

Clinton and Claude John, the creative brothers behind the label Claude John, would love to see the day that every gentleman has at least one Claude John blazer in their wardrobe....

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Aptly named Spicebomb, and shaped like a grenade, this new fragrance is an explosion of sexiness with a kick of sweet, aromatic sensuality..

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