I am a freelance fashion photographer who loves the sound of camera shutters and autofocus whirring. I can normally be found travelling the streets around the world, camera in hand, ‘Mode Hunting’ – ready to shoot anything that I find stylish and inspirational. Capturing this in my unique way and reporting it to the world is what drives me to get that perfect shot. I get excited by fashion, and have a weakness for gorgeous shoes.
I believe my love for fashion must have begun at inception because it has always been there as far back as I can remember.  I have always been inspired by the creative process behind the scenes, impressed by the presentations and excited by the final results that are brought to life on the street and catwalk. I enjoy all the preparation that goes into a shoot or behind the scenes at fashion shows. Seeing inspiration develop into an idea then bloom into the final product is quite simply amazing.
My passion for photography on the other hand has been developed through the years, first being exposed through the eyes of my father, an impeccably dressed and very talented amateur photographer.  Later it was fostered  through volunteering as an assistant to photographers and stylists on various photo shoots, working as a freelance photographer and by continually absorbing inspiration through runway shows, magazines, books, street fashion and literally any source that serves as a fashion outlet. My mother and sister ‘dragging’ me on numerous shopping trips as a youngster served as the foundation that opened my fashion taste buds and were the precursor to the self-proclaimed Marc Jacobs loving, fashion aficionado I am today.
During my formative years, my peers and colleagues were so impressed with my self-absorbed fashion knowledge and style that I became everyone’s stylist, shopping companion and personal shopper on some occasions. Their trust and belief in my abilities lead me on this path to pursue and professionally develop my love and passion for fashion.
Several years ago a very close childhood friend, who is an amazing stylist, invited me to accompany her to (my first) London fashion week. After being fortunate enough to sit in the front row at the Issa, Vivienne Westwood, Qasimi, PPQ and many other shows, I was hooked. I became completely mesmerized as I visually drank in the brilliance that graced the runways. This experience served as the fuel that fanned the flames of the already burning passion I had for fashion.
This website was born out of an appreciation of the avant garde and classic pieces that show true class, style and individuality as opposed to the throw away culture and conformity of the masses. I also consider it a portrayal of my belief that fashion is an expression of personalities and emotions. Within the pages you will find my creative views as I am always on the look-out for inspiration from designers, stylists, photographers and all other artists to shoot, capture and share.


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