Milan – Candela Novembre

Florence – Shaka Maidoh

Raphael by T-Michael x Ralph Vaessen

Ever since my first meeting with T-Michael, in Florence, in 2013 I have been amazed by his vision, style and humility. Many other subsequent meetings have always resulted in me being inspired and encouraged. The passion and excitement in his voice when discussing his ideas leave me eagerly awaiting his next update.

Milan – Natasha Goldenberg

Milan – Esther Quek

Paris – Angelo Flaccavento

Paris – Natasha Zinko

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Milan – Fabrizio Oriani

Paris – Thassia Naves

Feet on the Street – Amina Muaddi

London – Storm Mollinson

London – Charley Enza

Paris – Ming Xi

Paris – Sophie Hill

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Paris – Erica Pelosini Leeman

Paris – Sofie Valkiers

Paris – Elina Halimi

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London – Jay

Paris – Estelle Pigault

Paris – Caroline

Paris – Candela Novembre

Paris – Chiara Ferragni

Florence – Wu Mochou

Paris – Gilda Ambrosio

Florence – Maria Cristina Castanon